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What is NIL?

Put simply, Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) is the concept that enables college athletes to be financially compensated. It involves utilizing an athlete’s name, image, and likeness for marketing and promotional purposes, such as autograph signings, endorsements, social media content, and other opportunities.

Why is it important?

NIL is important in college sports because it allows student-athletes to capitalize on their personal brands and opportunities while in college. Previously, NCAA rules prohibited athletes from profiting off their name, image, and likeness, which limited their potential earnings and opportunities. With NIL rules changing, athletes now have the chance to benefit financially from their skills and popularity, providing them with a way to earn income and build their personal brands while still in school. This can also help level the playing field for athletes who may not come from financially privileged backgrounds, giving them a chance to monetize their talents and hard work.

The fanbase and brand of the school they are considering attending weigh heavily in their decisions in today’s era of college athletics because those 2 factors can ultimately determine what they earn from their NIL. 

What does Florida Victorious do?

Florida Victorious helps Florida Gators Student-Athletes find, cultivate, and partake in NIL opportunities. This is accomplished by making regular appearances and promotions for Florida Victorious Members and Partners, autographs, and volunteering at local charities through the Florida Victorious Foundation

How can I be a part of it as a fan?

To support your Florida Gators you can do several things:

I don’t feel comfortable paying athletes, but still want to help!

We recommend you make a one-time donation or recurring donation to the Florida Victorious Foundation, which will directly support the charitable efforts that Florida Gators Student-Athletes partake in in the local community. 

Are monies paid to Florida Victorious tax-deductible?

We have multiple options for tax-deductible donations. Florida Victorious memberships are not tax-deductible. However, you can choose any of these 4 options to make a tax-deductible contribution:

Is Florida Victorious affiliated with the University of Florida?

Florida Victorious is a sponsor and the Official NIL Partner of the Florida Gators.

Can I direct my contribution to a particular sport?

Yes, when creating your profile, you can select which sport you want your membership to go towards.

How will my contribution or membership dollars be used?

90% or more of all funds go directly to support the Florida Victorious signed student-athletes. Donations are used to compensate student-athletes for their work through the Florida Victorious Foundation, for appearances at in-person and virtual events, and for memorabilia or other promotional needs. Contributions will also be used to support Florida Victorious operations and administration. We strive to keep our operating costs to a minimum and include things like compliance and donor software, marketing, events, content creation, legal counsel, accounting, programming, and more.

How do I access my Florida Victorious Membership?

Go to and log in. If you are unable to log in, please contact Alan Thompson at

Can I pause, cancel, or change my contribution?

Yes, to change your Florida Victorious Membership, go to and tap on the 3 dots next to your membership to change or cancel it.

If you are a member of a previous NIL organization, go to and log in using your old credentials to update your payment information or to cancel your contribution. 

If you are making a tax-deductible contribution, please contact us at

How do I become a non-profit partner?

Please contact Lisa Ben-Chaim at to discuss your non-profit work with our team.

How can I have Florida Victorious or a student-athlete promote my company?

Please visit our Partners page to learn more about becoming a Florida Victorious Partner. We create custom packages that identify the best way for your company to utilize a partnership with us to enhance your brand.