Previous NIL Members, thank you so much for being the first to see the value that NIL has for our University and choosing to participate in our NIL efforts from the outset. We have now entered a new chapter for Florida Gator NIL with Florida Victorious.

As we advised, all previous NIL members were grandfathered into Florida Victorious. You did not need to sign up for a Florida Victorious membership. However, some previous NIL members did sign up for a Florida Victorious membership, without canceling their previous NIL membership, resulting in two memberships. If you signed up for a Florida Victorious membership but did not cancel your revious NIL membership, you still have a Gator Collective membership. It will need to be canceled to avoid double billing by following the steps below.

Alternatively, you may still have your original NIL membership that was grandfathered over at the original terms, but now we encourage you to help us CHOMP the competition by upgrading your membership to a Florida Victorious membership by following the steps below.


2. Login with your previous Previous NIL login info (email and password). If you do not remember your password – click on “RESET PASSWORD” above.

3. Once you are logged in you can manage your Previous NIL membership.

4. If you are looking to change to a Florida Victorious membership, you’ll have to first cancel your previous NIL membership by clicking on “MANAGE YOUR PREVIOUS NIL MEMBERSHIP” after you are logged in, then clicking on membership in the pop-up, and click on CANCEL next to your membership. After canceling your previous NIL membership, go to and select your new membership.

If you have any questions about your membership, please contact us at

Thank you for your support, Go Gators!